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SPECIAL: On Pivotal People and Building the Skills to Overcome Fear

SPECIAL: On Pivotal People and Building the Skills to Overcome Fear

Celina Shands has a great back story that led her to focus on workforce development, education, nonprofits, and entrepreneurship. She built her business as a completely virtual business 21 years ago. She is a powerhouse on the national stage and speaks at multiple events a year on these issues. It was education and mentorship that propelled her from a difficult upbringing into sports, which gained her a basketball scholarship and set her on a different trajectory.

Born and raised in North Carolina, Celina approaches business like a true southerner—relationships first, business second. She is the founder/CEO of Full Capacity Marketing (FCM), a 20+ year old national consultancy specializing in brand storytelling and strategic communications for those in the workforce, education and entrepreneurship sectors. As a former Female Athlete of the Year, Celina attributes her love of sports as the driving force and passion that she puts into every single project. FCM’s customer-centric model has earned the company more than 75 global awards for its customers who have built sustainable and relevant brands across the nation. A professed horse lover, Celina spends her free time at the barn riding and working on her equitation skills, and recharges with the love of her life who she met during the COVID-19 pandemic—on Bumble!

Website: https://www.fullcapacitymarketing.com

Article: The Future of Work

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